Exactly where was my food grown? Thanks to What3Words, you’ll know

You might be wondering why I’m posting about health food on a tech blog! Well, foods bought from a store come to you via supply chains, and supply chains rely on technologies. For example, with fruit products, there’s always a precise place of origin. Sure, consumers and laymen simply say “Mexico” or “Thailand” etc, but precisely WHERE in Mexico or Thailand did the food come from? Now with what3words, it’s easy to answer that.

For example, take this packaged jackfruit from Tanzania, in east Africa. The company says the fruit was grown at this What3Words address: ///sleep.foam.blinding If you click the link, whether you have the What3Words app or not, What3Words will show you precisely where this food was grown. Farmers and companies will have to commit to the system of course. But they shouldn’t worry. It’s easy to learn and use.

What3Words isn’t just for supply chains. It’s used by 999 emergency services in the UK, 911 emergency services in Canada, Mercedes, Ford, research groups, community organizations, and the list goes on and on. Everyone knows location precision makes life easier, and in the case of emergency rescue, precision could mean a person lives or dies. What3Words was founded in 2013 in England and has become a fun and easy way to talk about global location. If it were difficult, nobody would use it.

Remember, the wilderness isn’t well-addressed, seas and oceans don’t have addresses, and even places where humans live can have dreadful address systems. For example, the new man-made island in New York City named “Little Island” doesn’t have an address!  But this What3Words address: ///edits.land.encounter is where the entrance to Little Island is. A bridge that leads to Little Island begins at this What3Words address: ///frost.nerve.guards

I made a YouTube video about What3Words awhile back which I’ll put at the end of this post.

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