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Alex Yong is a reporter based out of NYC who interviews leaders 1-on-1 in the style of Charlie Rose. He covers local press meets held by LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. as well as Android unveilings.

Alex worked with Radio FCN at Citigroup for 5 years feeding CNBC and financial wires. Named by Cision North America as a top 50 influencer in its 2015 “rich media” Twitter experts list (This list also includes Guy Kawasaki, Ann Smarty, Lee Odden and more. See the full list below)

Alex is one of 19 ambassadors for Cheddar (click here for sizzle reel), founded by BuzzFeed’s 14th employee Jon Steinberg. Ambassadors were selected in January 2017 by Cheddar TV.

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Mini bio:
Alex Yong has been a PR industry-watcher since his first Samsung gala invite in mid-2012. He reports from Android unveilings and local press events held by Facebook, LinkedIn, Acer, Paychex, Microsoft and more. Alex worked the Thomson-Reuters desk within equity research communications for eight years at Deutsche Bank, Citigroup and CSFB, where he quickly developed a love for protocol. In 2015, he was named a top 50 resource in Cision North America’s list of rich media Twitter influencers. This list included Michael Stelzner, Guy Kawasaki and more. His LinkedIn articles about “public relations 2.0” can be found on LinkedIn Pulse. Originally from Singapore, he knows a thing or two about the cuisines of Malaysia and Indonesia.

I’m all over social media. Facebook is best. Twitter rocks too. All my clickable links are below:

column.SocialAlex.Live – “Livestreamed Livelihoods” column

SocialAlex.Live – Me, on Facebook Live

socialbutterfly.SocialAlex.Live – Me as a guest on other people’s live streams

replays.SocialAlex.Live – My Facebook Live video replays

best.SocialAlex.Live  My Snapchat and Periscope video replays





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