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short wide break utility image fileHere’s why you won’t see daily blog posts from me:

However, generally I post at least twice a month.

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About the creator of this site:

Alex Yong is a journalist at Small Business Trends. He also publishes articles on LinkedIn. Techmania411 is one of his personal projects.

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PPAI in conjunction with Seth Godin

CLICK ON THIS PIC! L-R: Alex Yong, Emelina Spinelli, Austin Iuliano, Seth Godin ~ October 1, 2015

What To Do When It’s Your Turn discussion at #AWXII

Thanks PPAI and Kim Todora


Alex Yong theory

Why is this blog named Techmania411?

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About this site:

Techmania411 isn’t a 1-man show. How can it be!? 🙂

Einstein - Copy
My guest writers and I are no different from you – We want to know what’s “right” to get. Let’s face it, there’s way too much choice out there. We stand face to face with a universe of devices, apps, social media platforms and third-party tools, websites and plug-ins, gadgets – It’s madness! The list goes on and on, not to mention the things coming down the pipeline that aren’t in the mainstream. Everything’s getting more “in our face” daily, but at the same time, it’s an exciting time to be alive.

What you’ll find here are facts and thought-provoking information. The goal is for you to come to your own truth on items, apps, trends, even this entire “mania” we’re seeing. You’ll also see B2B articles, how-to’s and aggregated news, because let’s face it: Life isn’t all fun and games.

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rooftop view Manhattan New York City

Remember to use the search box here. We might’ve already written about something you’re interested in. Sometimes you’ll see content specific to New York City because that’s where this website is based. Besides the Einstein quote on this page, there are others I’d like to mention. Oh, about the Einstein quote, it’s just an image quote, please don’t infer anything because I chose to post it here!! I am NOT saying I’m Einstein.

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“The smaller the understanding of the situation,
the more pretentious the form of expression.”
~John Romano

Rest assured, you’ll never see pretense here.  My guest writers and I just like to report on what’s helpful to the majority of people. There’s not ONE personality type required to write for us. If you’re a brand or PR agent, please see my media onesheet. Also see my “best of” page: Best.SocialAlex.Live


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