Claude Stabile says he’s not trying to create the next Blab

Q: So works on webRTC, right? What do you think of it? Have you even seen it?

Claude Stabile:

I checked It is a very good example of what webRTC can bring. Of course I do not expect to be the next, but I deliver webRTC + chat server engines as SaaS, so you can run similar features for your company. As a result you get your own private URL, for example

and you can fully manage your private company vidconf and system. You can now record your vidconf session using the REC Button at and view your video as a webM file at Secret password is video. Videos deleted daily at 2AM
I am a technology provider rather than the next Blab, though the technology behind-the-scenes is very similar.

With the help of charismatic people and investors I could probably do great stuff for a public site. I prefer thinking small and thinking realistic business (consultancy & SaaS servers). It was quite surprising to see that I cover a larger scope of features than Blab with less restrictions.

Q: Will we see widespread adoption of webRTC?

Claude Stabile:

webRTC is a standard, it will be de facto adopted and used. As my app/site demonstrates, there is no need for any app except your browser, Chrome. … Opera and Firefox will also be supported soon. In other words, you do not need to adopt. You will probably not know what technology is being used. The only aspect that counts is that it becomes simple, efficient, secure/reliable so there’ll be no interest to use something else.

Now the webRTC term could remain in the dark just like the xmpp or smtp standard, but it is already available to all Android and Chrome users, so probably one billion frequent users by 2019. The Operating System is all you need to jump in the webRTC landscape.

Q: What are the origins of YOUR offering? Why base so much of it on webRTC?

Claude Stabile:

As a system admin and early internet adopter, I started with Linux in 1992. Since then, 100% open source with a passion. I was also fond of real time messaging and XMMP servers. I ran Openfire Chat servers for 15 years. In 2006 I decided to create my own IT company. As an open source geek, I found the name free-solutions interesting and very representative of my skills, convictions and expertise. As a partner and jive expert I was demonstrating openfire features and capability on my website firstly with flah technlogy. Then it started with this  on Dec. 6th, 2012 and effective collaboration with developpers. From that I decided to compile, implement demonstrate and use webRTC + Openfire. Over 3 years later, the result is strong expertise, products and apps and a growing market.

influencers-access-buttonQ: So describe the business today. What are you selling?

Claude Stabile:

“Immediate and ready to run” is the Free-Solution principle. Buy a URL and just use it or a full server you manage yourselves.

Basically all this, and the whole make a project usually. I have RTC expertise and consultancy can focus on the following:
● High end servers. I build the complete Hardware +OS + disks myself as a result 64cores 128GB/512GB Ram + multiple ethernet outputs. Estimated at 10000 minimal concurrent connexions. Plug & Run
● SaaS instances running on Free-Solutions servers. Dedicated magic URL as a service
● Homservers on Odroid or RaspBerry ARM devices. I build OS+App on Ubuntu
● DEvice for HDMI TV auto-bootable client connected to a vidConf. TV interactive & video surveillance.
● The whole company, servers & systems and upcoming innovations if an exceptionnal offer is proposed.

Free Solutions IT is open source and self providing all its IT resources Email, www servers, chat and fully self-hosted in Switzerland. Free-Solutions is controlling and building all its IT. is just for exposure and it represents the “savoir faire” that is applied to customers. A good lab to experiment new IT techniques.
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short wide break utility


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