Comms and marketing students, what would you like to learn about social media?

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●●●● ● Ileane Smith said engineering institute students she recently interacted with said they do not like Twitter but surprisingly they liked Instagram and, to a point, Facebook. (2:30)

●●●● ● Deborah Anderson said students jump into Twitter chats asking questions about social and monetization but it’s not always easy to help them piecemeal via a Twitter chat (11:10)

●●●● ● Ileane says Mark W. Schaefer (the author of Social Media Explained and The Content Code) knows professors who teach or advocate social marketing, e.g. Rob Petersen of Barn Raisers and Rutgers Business School (47:47, 11:50); Also: The University of North Texas has similar professors

●●●● ● Con P. Sweeney moderates a LinkedIn-oriented Twitter chat on behalf of Viveka von Rosen (21:00, 23:20) and he said for some reason, students are sent to that chat by professors; Also, guests agreed that it would be nice to see an actual syllabus to pick it apart. A list of coaches who can and would help students and academics would be a nice thing to compile.

Marketing talk including ‘heard it through the grapevine info’ and technical advice from Ileane (24:20-45:10)

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