2 steps to win a ReachCase!

ReachCase main purpose
prize pic

A ReachCase might help your iPhone tap into the best signal

and today you can enter to win one through this contest


How to enter:


[Step 1] Subscribe to this blog by emailing me.

Clicking on my email should open a blank email that you can use

I’ll use your email address to send new articles from this blog directly to you.

By participating in this contest, you’re agreeing to allow me to send articles to you.

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If your Periscope name is different from your Twitter name, that’s okay, just tell me too.
Make sure the email you provide me is one you ACTIVELY USE because you’ll be getting a response email, and then you’ll need to click on that and hit confirm
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Then, in 24 hours or less, look for an email (from sender “Technology in plain English”) which says you’re wanting to subscribe to Techmania411. Open it and press the confirm button. Now Step 1 is over.

Reminder: Subscribing is totally free. As a matter of fact, there’s NO COST to you at all in this contest at any time. If you win, I will pay for the shipping of the prizes.

[Step 2] Visit @FireTheCanon‘s Twitter, then retweet her scope – Her tweet/scope, of course, is about this contest. That’s the one you need to retweet

This contest needs 50 people, soooooo,

Reachcase possibly better 4G LTE via a smartphone case

OMG! I can give away more stuff – so there will possibly be multiple winners of different products

If this contest gets 75 or more contestants,
I will also give away a Lumee Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


ReachCase DOES NOT work with Sprint. It’s for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus only.

__________CONTEST NOTES____________

Open to U.S. residents only, and the lower 48 states only. The winner selection method will be Random.org (See old Random.org example if you’re curious: http://ktch.tv/4bmM) You can email any questions about this contest to Alex Yong: alex.yong.nyc@gmail.com (about Alex Yong: Click here)

Good luck! Final day to enter is September 4, 2016

Find out who wins LIVE on Labor Day September 5 by going back to this page giveaway.SocialAlex.Live. The link to see the live drawing will be posted on this page. Winners will be emailed

Anything in this optional section won’t give you extra or bonus entries, but they’re designed to add value to your life: Click on the prize image below to watch the review on Facebook, or click here to watch the replay. Special thanks to Matt Rappaport. Follow me on Periscope. Info’s below. 🙂
antenna cellphone case

There’ll be 2 (or more!) winners. If you win, here’s what you’ll get: 

One R79X ReachCase by @ReachCase for the iPhone 6+/6S+. The color will be either black or white and the first winner announced will get to choose the color he or she wants. The SECOND winner will be emailed to learn what color they’ll get (It will be the color that the FIRST winner didn’t choose). Main benefit of prize: Your phone’s bar reading and RSRP reading can indicate a stronger signal with the R79X ReachCase (click here)

Find relationship disclaimer at: is.gd/ReachCase

This contest is being run by Alex Yong


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