Interviews with influencers

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  • Interview with Tiffany Shlain, founder of the Webby Awards, keynote speaker, writer & filmmaker | Discussing technology, creativity, and matters of the heart with Tiffany Shlain | #filmmaking

Go to: (Event: Advance film screening of The Future Starts Here, Oct. 10, 2013)

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  • Interview with Lori Cheek, creator of Cheekd | Discussing how the Cheekd app could possibly help you find the love of your life | #apps #IRLconnections

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  • Interview with David Cascino, CEO of Thunderclap. | The White House, Motorola, a TED talk, Zuccotti Park, the FBI, FEMA, Blake Shelton, Matt Taibbi, Twitter jail and forgiveness, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – This story has a bit of everything! | #socialmediatools #technology #crowdfunding

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  • Maulik Pancholy (30 Rock, Weeds and Whitney actor) partners with a start-up to call out Indian telecomm summer price hikes which affect Indians living and working in the US.

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  • Interview with Giovanni Rodriguez, the developer of MyScript Calculator, the smart calculator app that recognizes handwriting | #apps

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  • Mark French put TVs in NYC taxis. Now he’s helping young people | #innovation

Go to: (Event: SPARK for Change initiative awareness event to benefit, Nov. 12, 2013)


  • Interview with Ingrid Kopp, Director of Digital Initiatives at Tribeca Film Institute. Ingrid discusses communities, digital storytelling, the TFI New Media Fund, the Tribeca Film Festival and more | #filmmaking

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  • Interview with Zach Vorhies, former Google engineer and the great mind behind Zackees. Zach talks about his startup, user experience, Google Earth in Audis and more | #startup #entrepreneur #crowdfunding

Go to:


  • Actress Diane Neal shares a few thoughts about Periscope.TV: Red carpet chit chat   Law & Order: SVU actress: You might remember Diane as tough-as-nails character “District Attorney Novak”  | #actors #actresses #TVshows

Go to: redcarpet.SocialAlex.Live (Event: Ripple Of Hope Awards honoring Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Dec. 8, 2015) 


  • Interview with Daniele Manzzini, the creator of and Hashtag Intelligence, two hashtag search/discovery tools | #socialmediatools

Go to:


  • Interview with Mikel Paris of O.A.R. Mikel discusses songwriting, touring & tech | #innovation

Click here to read the interview (Event: WD My Cloud press preview, Sept. 18, 2013) ⇨ Related piece:  WD My Cloud solves the problem of too many files on too many devices (Event: same as above)

  • A chat with Parviz Parvizi, co-founder of Clammr. Users call Clammr “audio Instagram” | #socialmediatools #technology #audio #Twitter

Go to:

  • Claude Stabile says he’s not trying to create the next Blab. Stabile is a proponent of all things webRTC | #communicationstools #technology #Chrome

Go to:


  • Interview with Noel Lee of @MonsterProducts. Noel elaborates on what Pure Monster Sound is

Go to:

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