What I think of the iPad Air

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As a considerable IT enthusiast, I was interested in tablets quite early on

example apple hardware
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I mean like from when Bill Gates first conceptualised the idea in the late nineties – and well I actually used a tablet version of Windows XP back a decade ago – ok, a tablet is really pushing it, the device was more like a concrete block. It weighed in at almost that weight too, however since then I have over the years tried many tablets, and I have to say I wasn’t entirely impressed with any of them. There were some which were ok, but others were truly awful. I should mention no names but oh well I am going to: The Microsoft Surface RT and Amazon Kindle Fire. The Surface was lacking functionality and apps. It really wasn’t ready for consumer production at all. I am still unsure as to what the design team at Microsoft were thinking and well the Kindle was heavy, slow and had the battery life fit for the eighties. However I recently purchased a HP Stream as it seemed good and got good reviews in the press. And it was reasonably priced for the device and its proposed capabilities. I was excited to try it out as it was capable of running full desktop applications because it was running a full version of the Windows operating system an not that abomination Windows RT. This however was its fundamental flaw, the full OS was power draining, resource intensive – and well the small screen lacked any real estate. It was very hard to use without a stylus. It soon become apparent the device was only good for reading PDFs or eBooks! I have tried an Android device but I didn’t like it either; the Samsung Galaxy Tabs weren’t very appealing to me.

Other than that I can’t say much about Android because I don’t know a lot about that operating system, although the Kindle Fire is a flavour of Android, it isn’t your typical setup!

This left me with a serious predicament on what device should I buy. I had previously ruled out an iPad because I thought it was too expensive and lacking in functionality. However I’ve always been an iPhone user and they do exactly what I expect from a smartphone. So I thought well I might as well try the iPad!

I’ve had my beautiful device for just under week, and I’m really impressed! It’s fast, realiable and the UI is clean an intuitive! My fears of a lack of functionality have been proven wrong and there are plenty of apps too.

I have used my device for email, web browsing, document creation and viewing in Word, PowerPoint and Excel. I’ve also done this: Taking and editing photos, Skype calls and iMessage. This device has exceeded my expectations.

Key features I like about my new iPad

1. Messages across my devices

Apple calls this feature continuity. It isn’t just for messages either – This actually works on numerous apps and allows continuation from a iPhone, iPad or Mac

2. AirDrop allows easy transferring of files via Bluetooth connectivity.

3. Wireless keyboard connectivity is a dream come true – it works! And well I’ve tried various versions of both wireless and Bluetooth keyboards over the years an none are as good as the Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad.

4. iCloud storage is good and it allows me to store documents, photos and videos in the cloud saving me valuable disk space

5. Wireless printing

OK this feature is not exclusive to the iPad but it works well.

In conclusion, I feel Apple iPads, although expensive, are actually good value for money. They are refined and feature-rich. Both the front and rear cameras provide exceptional photographs and work well for video. I would recommend an iPad to everybody – young or old as they are so easy to use an very user-friendly. As previously mentioned, I can’t say much about Android because I don’t know that system very well, so this isn’t about iOS versus Android


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