Media onesheet

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Q: What is the niche/primary content of

Tech news and related stories. Fun stuff too.

Q: What other content is on it?

Tech reviews from invited guests or owner, tech-related event/gala coveage (local), opinion pieces. Reviews can be about devices, apps, etc.

Q: What are the current traffic stats for

☀ 7,850+ returning site visitors per month

according to – See proof

☀ 22,320+ average monthly pageviews

according to – See proof

Q: What’s the social media reach and social media philosophy of

19,480+ GooglePlus followers, 8,400+ Twitter followers. I don’t merely claim to be social – I really am social. The only way to get real followers is by being genuine — and I’m new to social media! My first social account was created in 2012 but it wasn’t until May 2013 that I got serious about social. If you audit my Twitter followers, you’ll see I have a “real followers” score of 97-98%, and yes, I’m proud of that. In addition to hosting guests here on Techmania411, I believe in being a guest writer myself – To see where I’ve guest blogged, please click here. I belong to several social media tribes with a median individual reach of 38,000 followers. The collective reach therefore is higher than that.

Q: What are some other important metrics for

Moz Domain Authority: DA 29/100, DmR 4.56/10.00, PA 28/100, mR 4.59/10.00, mT 5.24/10.00

Q: How can the owner of be contacted?

There are lots of ways to reach me. Click here

Q: What’s your policy on native ads, device reviews, etc?

Smile! There’s no fee for copying and pasting your press release! In accordance with Google’s rules, the “nofollow” attribute will be coded into any backlink within a native ad or news release. I will do this on my end. This is just FYI. The “nofollow” attribute removes SEO value from outbound links within content, at the discretion of the publication, therefore, it is fine for large, well-known companies who don’t care about “trying to rank” on Google. Smaller organizations, on the other hand, are encouraged to use acceptable social media strategies to promote their “nofollowed” content. If you prefer a custom blogpost written by me, and want social amplification on it, contact me, because I don’t really have time to produce true earned media unless I’m in love with a brand – and even then it’s still a maybe. Bring up paid and shared media and I’ll perk up and set some time aside to negotiate with you. The landscape has changed. You know it as well as I do. Devices such as phones and tablets must be non-returnable. Unfortunately, any device offered or sent on a “loan only” basis will not receive written coverage. I might do something on FacebookLive or Periscope or Busker, and that’s a maybe. I might not even say nice things. My opinion is not for sale, therefore all opinions and copy edits will be my own, even in a native ad. See the disclosures page for details.


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