How to be a guest writer here

To see examples of guest articles on this site: Click here. Anyhoo, thanks for considering writing for this blog. Short articles (e.g. 300 words) are fine. If you write like a champ, I can even discuss paying you. Preference will be given to native English speakers (e.g. Americans, Canadians, Australians, etc)
VLOGGERS WELCOME at techmania411
short wide break utilityImportant:

Techmania411 is an English-language U.S.-based blog for gadget information and entertainment
Important: Your article must not be in Google’s SERP already. It must be UNpublished. The more unique, the better.  I need a .txt file from you so that I can run it against

I strongly prefer that you have ACTIVE social media profiles which aren’t filled with self-promotional content. Ask yourself this question:

Social media is for being social. It’s not there for you to SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT as an advertising channel. If you think anybody likes those types of accounts, you must be brain dead.

You gotta give me at least 1 image; there’s nothing worse than a guest pitch with no images.

You don’t own the image? That can be okay if you email me to tell me where the image license exists. This is to protect myself. Images must be royalty-free. You don’t think you can find any images? Then provide 2 images which include your FACE. We’re in the age of selfie cameras so it should be easy, just smile and shoot. Images you send me should NOT be blurry or tiny; I ask for a sane size (e.g.: 200 W x 230 H)

If you own the images, say so through email. My email is at the end of this page. For author-owned images, you can use this template (click here)

Linking to authority sites proves that you’re serious about helping the site you’re guest writing for. It also proves you’re serious about building your organic authority, so make me happy by including 1 or 2 authority links in your guest article. Good writers don’t feel pressured to use exact-match anchor text on a link.  If I see you using exact-match anchor text, I won’t tolerate it and will contact you immediately. If I have any odd feelings about your links or anything, I will let you know. Likewise, if you have questions/concerns, contact me.

Exact-match anchor text is really cheesy. I don’t tolerate it. If you don’t know what exact match anchor text is, Google it or read Anchor Text: The Definitive Guide. And remember that I don’t tolerate poorly-thought-out exact match anchor text.