Calling prices from the US to India jump for no reason every summer. Rebtel asks why

Calling prices from the US to India jump for no reason every summer.

Rebtel asks why.

July 11, 2016

Rebtel, an international calling app startup, has partnered with actor Maulik Pancholy (from the shows 30 Rock, Weeds and Whitney) to call out punitive summer pricing increases affecting Indians living and working in the US. Calling rates to India from the US inexplicably rise by 100% every summer, resulting in profits of $100 million for Indian telecom companies. Pancholy, whose family are from Ahmedabad, India, wants to raise awareness of low-cost options like Rebtel so that people can make a more informed choice about which service they use to call home this summer.

Mr. Pancholy says,

“We have noticed every year for the past three years that the cost of calling India increases inexplicably in the summer. We are now seeing such activity again this summer,” says Jonathan Göransson, Chief Commercial Office of Rebtel. “Our vision is to liberate international calling and make communication across borders accessible to everyone. Due to these rate rises elsewhere, Rebtel will not raise its prices. We are sticking to our $10/month unlimited offer for those who want to call India. We simply don’t screw our customers over.”

This price hike is estimated to add $100 million in profit to the established telco players’ bottom line each year. And while Rebtel does not have the answer to why this price hike happens every year, the start-up has teamed up with Maulik Pancholy to spotlight the issue.

“As an Indian American, staying connected with friends and family in India has become a vital part of my life. With all my work commitments in the US, I don’t get to visit India as much as I used to. I’ve been using Rebtel for over a year now to stay in contact with my cousins in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and it has entirely revolutionized my calling experience,” says Pancholy. “This is such an incredible age to be living in, with such profound advances in communications and technology. It’s a shame that businesses in India appear to be taking advantage of loyal consumers. The first thing I used to think about before making a call to India was the cost. With Rebtel, I don’t have that worry anymore”.

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Rebtel, based in Stockholm, Sweden, offers Internet-free, unlimited and affordable international calling at superior quality. Rebtel is turning the telecommunications industry on its head and breaking down borders with an app that liberates international calling and removes the high fees associated with calling abroad.
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