Services and training available

In a nutshell, I can be hired for blog CONTENT development (in other words, NON-technical, mostly), content creation via native and/or special tools, special projects, etc.

I also provide metrics/measurement training for the PR world so you can get better at data and data interpretation.

I provide services for agencies and brands of all sizes. Skills revolve around brand galas (think live events and the plethora of associated needs), product unveilings and campaigns, blog development (think NON-TECHNICAL, e.g., vetting guests, content curation), conducting Charlie Rose-style interviews of influencers, Twitter, blogger collaboration, etc.

If copywriters are sugar cubes, and journalists are closer to ice cubes, then I’m like a Rubik’s cube. My interaction with different verticals places me in a colorful category of writers. I’m part of several social tribes and I can hook you up with other creators (Yup, I’m not solely about me me me) or all kinds of experts. My network is really fabulous. You know the saying: Your network is your net worth. (Not 100% true but it rolls nicely off the tongue)

If you’re an agent representing tech brands, please see my philosophy on my media onesheet – Click here. Look at my disclosures page too.

Important note: There are a lot of folks out there who say bloggers and especially journalists should NOT get too cozy with PR and offer them advice. Well, they’re only partially right. Any media-related advice I give is generic and already out there, stated by others, and usually old. Nothing wrong with that. I do not give advice to PR professionals on how to backdoor their clients into specific successful websites. That’s unethical and I don’t do that. For example, a formal media trainer shouldn’t have active ties to media outlets, and I’m not a media trainer anyway. Similarly, anybody espousing advice about media best practices better be giving general “common sense” advice, and nothing more advanced than that. Trust me, I do everything on the up and up.

For PR agencies —  I also share my knowledge via crash courses on great ways (both social and technical) you can use Facebook Live, Twitter and more. For your client events, I help you find the best bloggers by using Moonsy combined with your current outreach tools, or new tools if you’re interested, such as GroupHigh or InkyBee. The better I get to know you, the better I can suggest helpful tools, web apps, resources, etc. (Lessons are tailored for people in the PR industry and will be given in-person in Manhattan). Truthfully, this service is available to everybody, not just PR agencies.

I also provide stand-in services if you’re not based in New York City or unable to attend more than one event at the same time. In an event-heavy city like New York, schedule conflicts are common, and let’s face it, nobody can be in two places at the same time.

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