Swivel Chargers: Charging with a twist! — The solution to poorly made chargers has arrived

How are these chargers different?

We found the solution to poorly made cords that fray apart and could be dangerous. Swivel Chargers is that solution . . . Charging with a twist.

Our company was founded in 2015 by myself Steven Morvillo and my co-founder Gary Stevens. I am the president as well the inventor. Swivel Chargers do exactly what they say — they have the ability to rotate 360 degrees, as well as bend or pivot up to a 90 degree angle. The charger helps you be tangle-fee as well as maintain strong signal strength. My inspiration to invent this happened when I started to notice just how many wires I would go through on a monthly basis.

So me being the kind of person who’d always try to fix things and try to make life easier said to myself “Man there must be a charger cord able to withstand today’s wear and tear kids put cords through.” After countess hours of trying to locate this cord, I wasn’t able to.  My current partner was always a tech-savvy guy, so I asked him “Hey do they have this cord out?” And he responded with a big “No dude, but that’s a great idea!”

Your product is patented?

So then we called a patent attorney, did our homework, then swivel was born. We knew it had to have some type of strain relief as well as be augmented with a socket joint. We are fully patented.

We knew it had to withstand today’s wear and tear normal chargers endure and it has to never fray apart. Then you’d have peace of mind that you could plug your cable in without problems or without the dangers of exposed wires which could cause a fire.

We wanted to become the safest, most affordable solution and gain the trust of all people who suffered the same things I did.

Swivel Technologies Inc and our chargers are looking to become the leading innovator in a crowded field of mobile accessories. Android, iPhone, PS4 controllers, HDMI cords, extension cords, drone control pads, night vision goggles, remote control cars, and the list goes on.

Look out for us in 2018 because we’re currently working on other projects to implement this swivel technology onto all types of cables and cords.

Where can people order it?

You can see everything on our page on Amazon.

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