Fuze: Bringing back the audio jack to new iPhones

Sometimes it’s awesome when people take matters into their own hands. Look:

If you’re upset about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus not having a headphone jack, a newly-developed iPhone case says it’ll effectively bring the jack back. Look at the image below.

The “Fuze” case is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo and (as of Oct. 9, 2016) has raised more than $82,000 from over a thousand backers. ..Clearly you’re not alone in the “lack of jack” disappointment.

Created by a maker named Diego Prince, backing the Fuze case would also send a strong collective customer message to Apple. Will you consider getting one?

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Moto Z, Moto Mods, Verve.Life – Cool tech news from the Motorola/Lenovo universe


Alex Yong new live streaming cam Thoughts

Damn Ashton Kutcher lenovo

David Harris Binatone

short wide break utility image file

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June 17, 2016 – Disclaimer #1 re: the VerveOnes+ wireless earbuds product: As I say in my main disclosures page, I am strongly against “quid pro quo”. Product was received but it was not given “in exchange” for anything. I share opinions and info on my own accord. Disclaimer #2 re: the Moto Z phone, Moto Mods accessories and VerveCam+ camera product: No compensation of any type was received. Content is shown here for informational purposes and site quality.


Bosch’s e-Bike tech is given a field test by 3 New York City live streamers for National Bike Month

Periscopers having fun in NYC
Opens video replay (SocialAlex) (Periscope) May 10, 2016
Recorded on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, May 10, 2016.
@VinNolanNYC @MoeInteractive @GeoffGolberg
National Bike Month May

Geoff Golberg, Jonathan Weinert, Moe Saleh Bosch eBike tech field test
Photo credit: @MoeInteractive

Geoff Golberg, Jonathan Weinert, Vin Nolan electric bikes in NYC


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Alex Yong’s first review of “Facebook Live”

Click here to see my first Facebook Live, broadcasted from #SMWNYC (Social Media Week, New York City) #SMW16

(Recorded February 26, 2016 using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on WiFi through Android Facebook Mentions.)

Funny thing is, this ability was available to me the 2nd week of JANUARY 2016 (via Android Facebook Mentions)

I was on a supposed official Facebook waiting list (I remember filling out the form) to get Android Facebook Mentions + was informed I’d be informed. Unless I missed some notice sent to me in January — I received nothing from Facebook. Nice fail, Facebook. Oh well, it’s here now. Let the fun begin.

Someone gave me her opinion and said she thinks the video quality delivered by Facebook Live is better than Periscope’s. Do you agree? I sorta agree. I feel Facebook Live would’ve been aweseome to have while I was doing the December event with Apple CEO Tim Cook (RFK Human Rights 2015 Awards gala, click here). Oh well.

The ReachCase: Does it do the job? Hear Matt’s verdict

Review by: Matt Rappaport

Is your iPhone’s data signal as strong as you’d like it to be?

To watch Matt’s review of the ReachCase iPhone case, click here, or click on the image below to watch it via Facebook

antenna cellphone case

Click on the above image to watch the review on Facebook, or click here to watch the replay on YouTube

Come on! Who doesn’t want a stronger data signal?

Your phone’s RSRP reading can indicate a stronger signal with the R79X ReachCase

Remember to interpret correctly, for example:

“-70 dBm” is stronger and therefore better than “-76 dBm”. The lower the better

If you don’t see an immediate jump in “bars” after you do the attach, you can try the steps below to toggle between RSRP and bars indicators. If you have questions, tweet the company @ReachCase

Step 1: Put your phone into field test mode and convert your bars to RSRP in dBm. To do this, follow the steps below:
Dial *3001#12345#* to enter field test mode
To return to home screen and maintain numerical RSRP:
Hold down the power button until you see the “slide the power off” bar.
Release the power button and do not power off your device
Press and hold the home button until you return to your home screen

Step 2: Your RSRP reading updates infrequently. Now refresh your signal:
Turn Airplane Mode ON
Wait 5 seconds
Turn Airplane Mode OFF
Wait 5 seconds for RSRP reading to stabilize
Note RSRP value when you hold bare phone in your hand
Tap the numerical value to show number of bars
Tap the bars to return to numerical RSRP
Stay put – your signal can vary significantly if you change location or direction

Step 3: Put R79X case on with the antenna extended and hold in same hand
Turn Airplane Mode ON
Wait 5 seconds
Turn Airplane Mode OFF
Wait 5 seconds for RSRP reading to stabilize
Note RSRP value when you hold the phone in your hand with the Reach Case antenna extended
Tap the numerical value to show number of bars
Tap the bars to return to numerical RSRP

The 3 steps above were provided by the brand’s agency.

Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was provided by the brand or its agency. See disclosures page. Thanks.

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