Guest article: “Apple and Google as Cyber Nannies: Trying to Curb Phone Addiction”

This guest article was written by Charles Watson

While the United States is dealing with an opioid crisis, there’s another creeping issue that is being overlooked: phone addiction. No civilization before the internet has had such easy access to a wealth of information. But there’s an ugly side — when the first iPhone was introduced into the market in 2007,

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FAT news — From Around Twitter and the Internet — 2018, week 15

⬇”Research at NVIDIA: AI Reconstructs Photos with Realistic Results”

“A walkthrough of how to set up Windows 10 to never bother you unnecessarily again.” ⬇⬇⬇

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Andy Rubin (creator of Android) will speak at #CodeCon tonight, and some other updates

More: An app to help keep you in a safe area away from active crime, an app that takes away the pain of shoe shopping errors, and a new way to share on YouTube

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Vysor easily controls an Android device from a computer

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A few days ago I was in someone’s Busker broadcast to play their version of “Name That Tune” and I was able to type really fast thanks to something called Vysor. Vysor lets you mirror what’s on your Android onto a PC screen. You then tell the Android that you want to type with Vysor, meaning you want to type with your PC. For more info, go to the link below.

Source: Use Vysor to easily control an Android device from your computer without rooting

The Google Pixel Phone: 53% of American Android users surveyed said they’d consider buying it

Oct. 8, 2016

A flash poll conducted after last week’s unveiling of the Google Pixel smartphone revealed that tech enthusiasts were impressed by the new mobile device. Does Samsung have something to worry about? Maybe, given the unfortunate news about GN7’s catching fire.

The Pollfish survey, which polled 1,000 Android users on October 4-5, 2016, uncovered these insights on first blush reactions:

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sinking in controversy, the Google Pixel was great news for Android lovers. 53% of Americans polled said they would be interested in buying the new device, while 76% said they would choose the Google Pixel over the iPhone 7.

61% of respondents are excited about the DayDream View VR, and intend to purchase the headset when it hits store shelves next month.

According to the Pollfish survey, over 49% of Americans prefer the larger Pixel XL (5.5-inch Quad HD) over the regular 5-inch Pixel with a 1080p screen (just 18%). That’s no surprise, given the new VR headset that allows you to use Daydream View on your smartphone screen.

While tech enthusiasts are excited about the new gadget, the Google Pixel is far from perfect—25% of Pollfish’s respondents were disappointed that the device isn’t waterproof/water resistant. I totally agree with this. Anyone who knows me knows I love to rinse a phone to keep it looking like new.

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Pollfish is a real-time mobile survey platform. Thanks to its proprietary database of 320 million mobile users, the Google Pixel Phone survey (you can see the entire survey here) was conducted in a fast manner, great for taking the temperature of initial reactions from the public.

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Gadgets roundup: IconQ Boundless S4 bluetooth speaker, Kensington Expert Mouse trackball, more

Oct. 5, 2016

Gadget gift ideas roundup: 2016

“Tis the season” – okay, not yet, but it’s around the corner. How about tech suggestions to get you started? First on the list, Hand Liberation, a.k.a. “HANDL” by artist Allen Hirsch. Allen created this product out of a necessity. As you might infer from the name, it gives more freedom to your hand, resulting in less fumbling. It’s also conducive to live streaming. 

My comments about the Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball are included in the roundup summary video below. Scroll down!




Chatlight is a great tool and it’s easy to charge with a regular USB. It can also be attached to tablets as well as smartphones with flat backs. I added some additional comments about it in the roundup summary video below, so scroll down.


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My comments about the Innergie MagiCable are included in the roundup summary video below

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My comments about the IconQ Boundless S4 are included in the roundup summary video above

Note: If you don’t want a fullsize keyboard like the Satechi, you could go with the Zagg (see video below) or the Jorno, but to be honest, neither are as stellar as the Satechi, but of course you sacrifice size by going with the Satechi. The compact Jorno or Zagg could be handy in a pinch ..but to use them daily? Not my cup of tea. (I gave both of mine away. Sorry Zagg, sorry Jorno. But the people who received the keyboards told me they were satisfied. I’m hard to please!)

And that’s my 2016 list for now. You can leave comments or questions here on this blog or just email me at

Disclaimer re: opinions on products: All product opinions seen on this page originate from me, not a company or an agency. Products provided for free were: Kensington Expert Mouse, ReachCase, LumeeCase, ChatLight, Satechi keyboard, Innergie MagiCable, IconQ Boundless S4 speaker, Jorno folding keyboard, Zagg folding keyboard. Please read my sitewide disclosure page: Sitewide disclosures

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What is Busker?

Oct. 2, 2016

The dictionary definition of “busker” is: a person who entertains in a public place for donations. However, on the Busker app (for both iOS and Android), you’ll find not only musicians, but content creators who focus on travel, helpful info, comedy, etc. And yes, you can give and receive real $1 tips on it.

Read why animal trainer Kyle Kittleson likes Busker:

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