Chocolate Rain’s “Mama Economy”

Schoolhouse Rock was an iconic part of Gen X, so I’m wondering what Millennials and Gen Z had as equivalents. Cynicism and irreverence play a role, I’m guessing. Plus, early Gen Z (for example, a person who was born in 2000) is already biologically poised to become parents of the next generation. Anyway, Zonday’s hilarious song is geopolitical in nature but that’s not why I’m sharing it. It’s funny and, for the man who many simply call Chocolate Rain, the music and social media aspects are certainly on-brand. Click the play button in the above tweet and give it a listen 😂 While Schoolhouse Rock did NOT have politics (If it did, I don’t remember. Reach out to me if I’m wrong), it did include many U.S. history ditties like The Shot Heard ‘Round The World and some about civic engagement in democracies like I’m Just A Bill, but irreverence wasn’t a thing.

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