FAT news — From Around Twitter — 2018, week 8

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FAT news — From Around Twitter — 2017, week 35

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True Fit Launches “Shop for Others” Feature

True Fit, a personalization company focusing on clothes and shoes added something new they’re calling “Shop for Others”. The new feature allows every True Fit user to now create profiles for friends and family. Users can  toggle between fit, size, and style recommendations for themselves and/or for family and friends.

Despite fashion being a trillion-dollar industry, this type of tech is not exactly commonplace. Clothes and shoes are notoriously difficult for gifting. For example, ill-fitting clothes are a bummer and it’s the top reason people avoid buying online.  Romney Evans, co-founder of True Fit said he’s excited to finally have an easy way to buy the right-sized clothes for his wife.

True Fit mapped the first-ever Genome™ for footwear and apparel, which helps retailers and brands unlock digital growth.

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Hey Calvin Klein fans: Some collaboration news…

© 2017 Alasdair McLellan

Chief Creative Officer at Calvin Klein Raf Simons collaborated with indie musicians The xx and photographer and filmmaker Alasdair McLellan on the creative concept and direction for the music video for The xx’s latest song “I Dare You”. It includes several faces from the CK world like Millie Bobby Brown, Ashton Sanders, Paris Jackson, and Lulu and Ernesto Cervantes.

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Why is the “Net Neutrality” issue in the news again? (+other tech news too)

In other news:

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Modern Meadow and Bolt Threads are making new fabrics – You won’t believe how

Read the story at TechCrunch


Read the story at TechCrunch

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If you can’t have a perfect life, what about perfect clothes?

This guest article was written by Maricela Potoc

whois Maricela Potoc

OUTFIT SWIPE shopping appshort wide break utilityYou might have a demanding job, kids and a house to take care of, and a body you can’t ignore. So for most of us, lengthy shopping sessions aren’t realistic — but if you could change that, you so would!

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This is why I was happy when I discovered the first fashion app which allowed me to
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Lightspeed’s independent retail flash survey results and some other fashion-related news

Drapers mobile app

Runway images courtesy of Amp3 PR, PR firm for Nolcha Fashion Week

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LightSpeedPOSIn a flash survey of independent retail decision makers, Lightspeed found:

Social Media Drives Trend Discovery

73% of respondents use social media to discover the latest trends in fashion, more than any other channel

Nearly a third of retailers attend fashion shows to see what’s going to be hot next season

Celebrity style is the least influential mode of discovery for retailers – less than 25% are looking to celebrity style to discover the latest fashions

Retailer Validation is Key

While social media plays a huge role in trend discovery, peer validation is king when it comes to purchase consideration for retailers. Retailers say that “where else the brand is carried” is the most important factor when considering a new line; a designer’s social media following came in at the bottom of the ranks.

Retailers Want to Get Touchy Feely

70% of retailers are scouring showrooms and trade shows to discover new designers
One retailer said “We’ve had the most success selling the clothes that we’ve been able to touch and try on. Make your presence known!”

There’s Hope for New Designers

Retailers are always on the hunt for fresh designers. Almost 30% of independent retailers said they dedicate 10-15% of their inventory for new designers; 50% are willing to allocate 5-10%

In other techy fashion news…

Drapers celebrated their app launch by also launching a Digital Access subscription offering, which comprises full site access, daily emails and the new app. (see image at the top of this post)

An edited selection of Drapers content gives fashion industry professionals the opportunity to catch up with the latest news that could affect their businesses, as well as read trade show reviews from around the world.

Available to download on Apple and Android devices via the iTunes App or Google Play stores, it’s exclusive to new or existing Drapersonline subscribers. Once subscribers have downloaded the app, they can simply tap the icon and log in using the same username and password that you use for Drapersonline.com. The app should work on the iPhone 5 and above, though optimized for devices running iOS7 or later. The Android version should work on devices running Android 4.0.3 and above. It won’t work on Kindle or Microsoft mobile devices.

How it can help:

• Be fully informed before that crucial meeting
• Get answers to questions while you commute to make the most of every minute
• Global tradeshow coverage as it happens



Posted: Feb. 18, 2015

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