This looks crazy futuristic! OM Audio is coming out with a levitating audio speaker


OM Audio, developers of audio products enabling consumers to connect with music like never before, today announced OM/ONE, the world’s first levitating Bluetooth speaker. Talk about an eye-catching conversation-starter. The makers of the OM/ONE say it’s practical and connects wirelessly to all major smartphones, tablets and computers. When detached, the hovering orb acts as a portable speaker that can be taken on the go. The built-in microphone also can transform the OM/ONE into a very cool looking conference room phone.

“In a world full of speakers that look and sound the same, the OM/ONE stands out from all the rest,” said David DeVillez, Founder and CEO at OM Audio. “Prior to our crowdfunding campaign we traveled Silicon Valley getting feedback from some prominent entrepreneurs and musicians and we’ve been very humbled by the praise we’ve received. We’re looking forward to getting these in the hands of consumers this holiday season.” The MSRP is $179 and to get one delivered before the 2014 holiday season visit www

Okay, it looks cool – but how does it sound? Well, Mr. DeVillez is an audio engineer and the former Director of Operations, R&D and Engineering at Velodyne Acoustics. One of his design breakthroughs is the OM/ONE levitating driver for hearing every high and low with no external distortion. Listeners can use the OM/ONE by itself or pair it with another OM/ONE. The team says it can pair/unpair and answer call/hang-up with the push of a button.

What are people saying about the Passport Max by Escort Radar?

The Passport Max by Escort is marketed as a radar which can help you avoid speeding tickets. It has an integrated GPS receiver, and, understanding the criticisms of this class, Escort engineers made notable strides in this model’s ability to detect false alerts. The Passport Max allows you to mark your own false positives and remove them if they turn out to be real. This feature is called SmartMute. However, advanced signal-processing is one of the keys which help reduce false alerts in the first place. The radar utilizes an FPGA and an ARM chip to convert the analog signal into digital form. Escort compares this to signal processing used by NASA to filter background noise from weak signals transmitted by satellites.


The Escort Passport Max has a similar but non-identical design compared to the Escort 9500ix. The U-shaped layout for the buttons differs from previous Escort radars, and buttons on the Max are recessed.

The high-definition simple OLED interface alerts you with either a robo-voice, Escort tones or chimes. At the display’s far left is where you see your vehicle speed and it has an adjustable backlight level and color control to optimize daytime/nighttime viewing (The OLED colors are red, blue, green, amber). Novice mode gives you just the basics to nix the possibility of an unwanted configuration.

Overall, CNET reviewer Antuan Goodwin reviewed the Passport Max for a few weeks and found it was more sensitive than Escort’s previous generation of detectors. He also says the nearly $550 price tag is justified. As you can expect it’s pricier than its predecessor, the Passport 9500ix, which is around $470, or the low $400’s on

Quote from With its Variable Speed Sensitivity, the Max is also able to tailor its sensitivity to the sort of driving the vehicle is actually doing. At highway speeds, it can optimize for long-range sensitivity, while at slower speeds, the sensitivity can be adjusted to tune out more false positives, since you’re not at risk of getting a speeding ticket.


More reviews: For detailed reviews, visit the link above, and these:

1. reviewed the Passport Max in the Phoenix area:

2. This is a very thorough review:

Caveats and where to ask questions: The Escort Live smartphone app (iPhone or Android) is not included in the $549.95 retail price. It costs around $50 per year extra (for the premium features) and the SmartCord Live that goes with it is a one-time extra expense of around $40. For more information, connect with Escort Radar on Twitter.

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Is The LG Optimus 3D Worth The Money?

Review by: Laura Ginn, U.K. smartphone enthusiast

Just a quick note: In the U.S., this phone is known as the LG Thrill 4G . . . Discontinued by AT&T, you will need to find a used model. This can equate to a lot of value.

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With so many different mobile telephones to choose from, how are you supposed to know which one is the best value? The first thing you should do before a purchase is to write out a list of the features you want your new phone to have. That way, the decision making process won’t be so mindboggling.

LG Optimus 3D Key Features

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