Report: Funds stored in Google Wallet are now FDIC insured

Still not completely comfortable with all this new stuff for payments (Yes, I realize debit cards were once “new” too) but this FDIC aspect is a good sign.

I guess I’m waiting for lots of people to adopt and to hear possible horror stories …and then the subsequent “Okay, don’t worry, we’ve fixed everything. It’s all good in the hood” from Google. I don’t take the plunge on a lot of things, for example, this.

Let’s remember that Android Police had a really terrible experience with Google Wallet. Well, I should add that story was almost 2 years ago, but that hilarious, scathing review made an impact on me. Google Wallet was new then, but it’s now closer to being ready for primetime it seems.

Bottom line, personally, something like this needs to become mainstream in order for me to use it.