If you can’t have a perfect life, what about perfect clothes?

This guest article was written by Maricela Potoc

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OUTFIT SWIPE shopping app

Maricela Potoc quoteIn today’s busy world, it’s hard to find moments to relax. Women like to shop not only because it’s part of the journey to look good, but it’s also a way to relax. But, time constraints, our daily enemy, forces us to choose — You might have a demanding job, kids and a house to take care of, and a body you can’t ignore. So for most of us, lengthy shopping sessions aren’t realistic — but if you could change that, you so would!

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This is why I was happy when I discovered the first fashion app which allowed me to do something useful and enjoyable at the same time. Unlike regular online shops selling clothes from well-known brands such as Gucci or Armani, the quantity of clothes, shoes and accessories in the app is much higher because they combine the best looking clothes from many designers and online shops and deliver a seamless experience.

With our outfit app you can choose the outfit you want whenever you have a few minutes, buy it and immediately get back to your daily activities.

If you miss the social experience of shopping and you value your friends’ opinions, don’t worry: the outfit app gives you the pre-purchase option of sharing the looks with your friends directly on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest or simply copy the link of the outfit/item and let them get a glimpse of your outfit idea with a simple paste in a quick chat window.

I have a passion for clothes and shopping. It’s from this passion that Outfit Swipe was born. We work hard to make it easy for you to find the right outfit – You can simply swipe to change the items until you find a perfect match. Outfit Swipe is entertaining like a game or a dating site. You can also choose what your soulmate is going to wear because our app has clothes and accessories for both men and women.

You can swipe for hours just for fun or you can choose by category and make a quick buy when you need it. No matter what you choose, you can always save your favorite items and outfits in your account, share them, resume the session and buy them when you’re in the mood or have enough money or time.

In conclusion, shopping can be an enjoyable and healthy habit helping you to relax anytime, anywhere. If you could swipe your worries and your life scenarios like you can do with Outfit Swipe, your life would be a real heaven. You can’t have the perfect life, but you can get the perfect outfit and get a little happiness while you do it. Ask your best friend or your partner what he/she thinks about the outfit you want to buy – it could help bring some joy to your day. A little admiration goes a long way.

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NinjaOutreach: Boost Productivity with this New Marketing Tool

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This guest article was written by Ali Lawrence

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Connect with Ali on Twitter: @Ali_MarCom
Blog: marcomland.com
Read more of Ali’s articles on Contently: alicialawrence89.contently.com

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Those who do inbound marketing, like myself, have a lot on our plates. We have to find relevant blogs, build relationships, pitch story ideas, write posts and keep track of all this craziness. Not to mention, this becomes increasingly difficult over time as we exhaust our blog list and have to keep track of the 100 bloggers you already work with.

Sure, there are tools out there like Tout, Buzzstream, and Google Docs to help you along the way, but having to use several different tools to get the job done decreases productivity (and budget, since most are paid). #InboundProblems

I know I’m not alone in these problems because these are just a few reasons why Mark Samms, Dave Schneider and Gurpal Theti got together to create an all-in-one inbound tool called NinjaOutreach.

Once you setup the tool you can enter all your email addresses (I have four so this definitely came in handy) in the Setting section so you can email your contacts from whatever email all in one interface.


Ninja Outreach prospecting host blog
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The first tab “Prospecting” allows you to place several targeted keywords in the search bar and let NinjaOutreach do the work as it gathers a list of blogs (no duplicates), contact info, social shares for the post, ranking info, and traffic. You can narrow the search by filling in requirements for the above info under the advanced filter. You can then export the list or save it to a specific list in your “List Management” tab.

Once you have the list to your specifications, you may need to go through and add names or specific emails if the computer couldn’t find them, and create various pitch emails in the “Manage Templates” tab. You can even add variables to be automatically filled in for each specific contact.

Next, go to the “Email” tab where you can view each contact’s “card” with their latest tweets, RSS feed, contact info, and rank. Choose the bloggers you want to contact, add the template which is automatically filled in with data available, and the email address you want to send it from. Send! It’s really that easy.

One section of the tool I’ve yet to truly test is “Campaign Management.” In this section, you can view user analytics and split testing for your templates to perfect your pitches and response rate.

Overall I think the tool is definitely worth the investment, especially at only $19/month! You can get a 14 day free trial too. Bonus video below: Dave Schneider of NinjaOutreach explains the software on #WebToolsTV.
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Twitter Tools To Help You Retweet Influencers And Get On Their Radars

This guest article was written by Gail Gardner

Gail Gardner SocialImplications GrowMap

Connect with Gail on Twitter: @Growmap


Social media influencers are busy and, apart from notable exceptions like Gary Vaynerchuk, many don’t do everything on Twitter manually. We use tools to automate some of what we do while not neglecting personal interactions. Tools make it possible for us to spend more time interacting.

The Importance of a Consistent Twitter Presence

Keeping your account active is the first thing to understand when you engage Twitter influencers. We use tools to unfollow dormant accounts. If you don’t tweet at least once a month you will start losing the most influential followers. Even if you are certain you always tweet more than that, emergencies happen. Better to be safe – especially when it is so easy.

All you need is the free tool Twitterfeed. By adding a few blogs that are relevant to your audience, their latest content will automatically be shared in your Twitter stream. Just be sure you choose wisely as you never want to use a site that publishes anything that would offend your followers. My tutorial How to Use Twitterfeed will guide you step-by-step.

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Tool review: Be as specific as possible when using BuzzBundle

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Author: Phil Turner

If you’re looking for a way to check mentions of your company, your name, or of a group of keywords, then BuzzBundle is one way to do it.

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BuzzBundle review screenshot
Screenshot of a BuzzBundle search result: Click here to see it fullsize

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What you can expect to pay

There is a free option on Buzz Bundle. It gives you 70% of “mentions for the first 15 days and 30% thereafter, but the 30% of “mentions” continues indefinitely. The paid option is $249 (Currently $199). This gives you 6 months of updates. You can still use it after 6 months, but you will not be able to add new keywords to search for. To extend the functionality you need to pay $49.95 every year. When you are skimming the sales page it is VERY easy to miss this regular payment requirement.
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Join in conversations
• Buzz Bundle allows you to join in conversations about your keywords on Twitter and other social media channels. It has its own browser that opens when you want to reply to someone. The browser is limited however. There is no zoom facility. This is important because every Buzz Bundle screen uses a VERY small font which is impossible to read on anything less than a 28” monitor.

Multiple social media accounts
• You can set up an unlimited number of social media accounts and use any of them to reply to comments.

If you’re looking for blog posts in your niche to

comment on, it will find one from each site.

You then need to go through the site searching for more relevant posts.

If you want to monitor your reputation, you can input your name, run a search and find everything that’s being said about you (and everyone else with that name). It works best if you refresh the searches at least daily. That way you can pick up new threads and posts quickly and reply if appropriate.

How good is it?

In a search for “Public Relations Press Industry” and “PR Press industry” Buzz Bundle found no mentions at all. When “Press industry”, “Press industry PR” and “Press industry public relations” were added to the keyword group the software did find mentions: 31 Blogs & forums, 2 social network threads and 19 video-sharing sites. On closer examination the two social network threads were not relevant. Only 7 of the blog posts were from 2014 and only 2 of those were relevant; neither relevant blog post accepted comments. None of the video-sharing sites were relevant.

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A search for “Midlife” was much more productive though, pulling in recent blog posts, social media discussions, Q & A site threads and video shares. See the screenshot at the beginning of this review.

Closing thoughts about the best way to use BuzzBundle

Basically the GIGO (“garbage in – garbage out”) principle applies to this program. You have to be very particular about the words and phrases that you search for. There will always be some garbage, because the internet is full of it, but if there are some gems in the mix, you can put up with the worthless stuff.


About this guest author: Phil Turner uses his teaching skills from a career in the classroom to pass on his knowledge to others. Communicating is Phil’s passion. His objective is to pass on as much of his own knowledge to as many people as possible, in the hope that one or two will pass it on to people they know.

Phil is the webmaster of TimeMoneyProblem.com and MidlifeAnswers.com and applies his life experience in his writing on these two very different sites. Phil taught science and chemistry in St Helens near Liverpool in England for 28 years. He moved to Cork on the south coast of Ireland in 2003, worked for a security firm for six years and now earns a living online as a writer and editor. Phil’s core beliefs center around “The Five Currencies”. The 5 currencies are: time, knowledge, reputation, contacts and money. He works on the principle that he invests time to increase his knowledge. Phil’s knowledge leads to a growing reputation, which in turn leads to a growing contact list. Phil’s contacts often employ him, leading to earning money. “The Five Currencies” is the core belief behind TimeMoneyProblem.com. Every one of Phil’s paid gigs as a writer has come from it. Phil also holds that it is our scared duty to acquire knowledge and to pass it on to others so it is not lost forever. He has recently founded MidlifeAnswers.com to pass on his own knowledge of midlife issues.

Tech Startup Geosports Takes Social Networking to New Level

Geosports brings people who want to play sports together, on the go
Computer programmers Simon Chevalier and Vincent Martel have joined forces to turn virtual networking into real world fun.  The two became frustrated by the times that they wanted to play sports but couldn’t find enough people who wanted to play at the same time.  Following the “if you can’t buy it, build it” mantra, the two have set about to build an app that will allow people to send and receive notifications about opportunities to play sports in their area.



Users of the free app will be able to set up events from well in advance to just shortly before it starts.  They’ll be able to set the date, time, place, sport, and level of competitiveness.  “Just like Facebook events?”  No!

When someone sets up an event, people who have previously signed up for notifications on that sport in that area get sent notifications.  Players don’t have to know each other in advance to hear about and participate in sports.  They just need to have the app set up to let them know when there are games.

One of the best parts about the app is that it takes advantage of geolocation technology so that players can get notifications wherever they happen to be.  This is a great feature for people who travel a lot, but it also works well for those who have long commutes.  Still at work and looking for a game?  The app will let you know about chances to play close to work.  Sitting at home looking for something to do?  You can hear about events closer to home.

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The developers are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to fund development.  With just under three weeks to go, they have raised about a little over $2,300 of the $11,000 they’ll need to fund the development of the app.  They’re ramping up their efforts on Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about their project and expect that sports enthusiasts will chip in as they learn about the app that could mean they never have to go another day without a game.

To learn more about the app and the fundraising effort, visit their Kickstarter project at


The page is available in English and French.


About this guest author: Sean McConeghy is a freelance writer who has worked with a variety of clients from law firms to sports betting apps.  His recently completed website is seanmcconeghy.com.

The Top 10 High-Traffic Websites Of 2013 You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


Editor’s note: Not only am I personally aware of Quora, I also use it.  I’m suprised to see it on this list. Anybody who does research for work or fun knows about Quora, or at least they should. I wanna thank my guest today, Romeo Demes. Thanks dude.

About this guest author: Romeo Demes is a technology blogger and IT expert who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. He stays up to date with all the latest in technology.

There are some websites we simply can’t live without. When any of these go down, even for a couple of minutes, there’s typically major outcry on micro-blogging websites like Twitter. We gave some thought to listing top 10 websites of 2013 that you can’t live without. But then we thought nearly everyone on planet Earth knows these already – What fun is there in looking at a list of website names we use on a day-to-day basis? That’s why we’re taking a slightly different course and listing the top 10 websites of 2013 you might not have heard of. Although we’ve mentioned the Alexa rank of each, Alexa was not the only metric taken into consideration to create the list.


Hubpages simply put, is a user generated content website. The site also shares its advertisement revenue with its contributors. By the end of 2013, Hubpages had a little less than a million hubs (pages). It also provides its users with a great editor to organize content better. Users are generally given a subdomain, much like WordPress or Blogger, where they can write about a specific topic. Although they don’t give access to cPanel and DB like full-blown web hosting services GoDaddy, WMD hosting and others , they do provide tools to embed videos, pictures, surveys, maps and more to enrich pages. There are currently more than 74,000 published users and 2.5 million forum posts.


No, it’s not pronounced in a strange way – Imgur is simply pronounced imager. It is an online image hosting service (not to be confused with a web hosting service like Wikia) that’s been around since 2009. Users can upload images they own. The pictures are voted on and shared by the community, much like Flickr. Millions of users upload images to Imgur every day. The site has been gaining more traffic ever since they introduced their simple to use Meme creation tool in June 2013. They also showcase a public archive of all the memes submitted by users.


The question and answer site which seems to have a more mature community (if compared to a site like Yahoo! Answers for example), skyrocketed to popularity in a short period of time since its launch in 2010. The primary reason for Quora’s success is its social media integration and the inherited features from already successful social networking services like Twitter and Facebook.

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