Tech Startup Geosports Takes Social Networking to New Level

Geosports brings people who want to play sports together, on the go
Computer programmers Simon Chevalier and Vincent Martel have joined forces to turn virtual networking into real world fun.  The two became frustrated by the times that they wanted to play sports but couldn’t find enough people who wanted to play at the same time.  
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The Top 10 High-Traffic Websites Of 2013 You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


Editor’s note: Not only am I personally aware of Quora, I also use it.  I’m suprised to see it on this list. Anybody who does research for work or fun knows about Quora, or at least they should. I wanna thank my guest today, Romeo Demes. Thanks dude.

About this guest author: Romeo Demes is a technology blogger and IT expert who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. He stays up to date with all the latest in technology.

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Top 5 Android Apps For January 2014

Guest author: Atanu Shaw

Atanu Shaw is an independent Android app developer. He has his own web portal for Android apps development and discussion. Since the release of Android operating system, he has been one of the top app developers in the world.

Everyone knows that apps are the soul of today’s mobile world. Whether it’s iOS or Android,

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Need Official Signatures? These Cloud-Based Services Eliminate Paperwork

Guest author Kirill Bensonoff reviews Adobe EchoSign, DocuSign, and Signing Hub

Sign contract

Whether you’re closing on a new home or purchasing a new car, you’ll likely be required to sign your name using pen and paper. As the world has become increasingly more technology driven, that one thing has remained the same. In many industries, legal documents that could be held up to legal scrutiny still aren’t considered “official” unless they’re on paper.
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The Android App That Could Get Your Phone Service Suspended

Guest writer: James Green

James Green is a security researcher for Android antivirus company Armor for Android. James has worked in the Android security field for several years and provides privacy and security advice to Android users.

Looking to earn some extra cash with your Android smartphone? Bazuc is offering consumers cash for allowing them to piggyback on their phone service, but the service may also have some nasty repercussions. The idea is that consumers can sell the
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Looking for a Skype phone? Here’s the lowdown

Guest author: Phil Turner

Skype enable phone opinion

Skype is the grand-daddy of VoIP communications. It provides the opportunity to tap into really good pricing for home and international calls. In addition, it provides you with the opportunity to connect with people around the world for free, if they also have the software.

An intro to Skype

Skype is a voice over Internet protocol communication tool. It started off as computer-based
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