Road Rage In NYC: Living In A Metropolis

Guest author: Jacob Masters

Jacob Masters is a freelance writer and author who has worked in the health industry for over a decade. His goal in life is to increase the internet knowledge base one article at a time. He also likes to push the boundaries through his city-wide evening excursions as a guerilla gardener.

Aggressive Driving NYC

Anyone who has ever visited New York City will notice how overwhelmingly action-packed it can be at all hours of the day. Sidewalks are packed with people; streets are filled with taxis, vehicles, and buses, while pedestrians, trying to hurry to the subway or across town, dodge moving vehicles surprisingly quickly and sometimes erratically.

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Beginners’ Guide to Electronic Drumming

Guest author: Steven Wong

Steven Wong is an aspiring blogger and is looking out for more articles to write and share with the world. Coming from an acoustic drumming background, Steven is now “sold” on electronic drumming and aims to share more about it on his website on electronic drumming

Electronic drumming has come a long way since the 1970’s when it was first created and then, mass-marketed in the 1980’s. The early electronic drums, whilst successful,
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Four Types of SaaS Apps Every Business Should Deploy

Guest author: Danny Roberts

About this guest author: Danny Roberts heads the marketing department at Chekkt; an eCommerce marketplace featuring B2B SaaS solutions. He lives in Tel Aviv, and when he’s not doing marketing-related things, he enjoys eating, playing basketball, cycling, reading tech blogs, and watching American football.

Some examples of SaaS applications designed with entrepreneurs in mind

Engaging in the use of SaaS applications can be very beneficial for the small to medium-sized business (SMB) owner. The benefits of subscribing to a software solution as opposed to
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The cloud is well-suited for BYOD and mobile payments

cloud enterprise CDWWith the increasing demand for efficient computing solutions, cloud adoption rates in businesses are clearly growing. Two major innovations affected by this are mobile payments and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement.

BYOD is a real, tenable trend, thanks to the proliferation of cloud computing applications
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Why Are We Scared To Be Without Our Mobile Devices?

Guest author: Wendy Lin

About this guest author: Wendy Lin is a freelance writer and entrepreneur. Even with all of her success, she still says family takes precedence over all of her business matters.

image credit: Alex Yong
image credit: Alex Yong

Fear of spiders is called arachnophobia, fear of confined spaces is claustrophobia, and ironically the fear of long words is called sesquipedalophobia.  But there is now such a thing as the fear of being without a mobile phone, and that fear is called nomophobia. 
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