FB/IG Live? Replay? Story? It’s okay to be confused

The developers at Facebook made it easy for you to know what the hell you’re looking at 

If a stream is live, it’ll say “LIVE” (in a bright color) above your friend’s name in the Stories row. This is true for both Facebook and for Instagram. I like this because there’s no confusion. If there’s a replay of a livestream, it’ll show up as a replay button in a vivid color above your friend’s name also in the Stories row.

Stories are ALWAYS replays whether they’re a minute old or 23 hours old. And they’re of course in the Stories row, along with livestream replays and true livestreams — “One row to view them all.” It’s okay to be confused. It’s not okay to stay confused. #kidding


If you need help creating a Facebook Live, an Instagram Live or a Story on either Facebook or Instagram, look at this how-to video. Hope you’re having a great weekend. It’s snowing in Manhattan! . . . Below are two articles I recently wrote: One is an interview, the other a book review. Clicking on the image should redirect you there ⬇️⬇️

Interview with Chris Weiher
Book review of “Angel”

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This is the beginning of the end for Twitter’s Periscope brand

Prediction: This is the beginning of the end for Twitter’s Periscope brand. For a company struggling to be profitable, it makes financial sense to guillotine (or downsize) redundant business units. See Geoff Golberg’s advice below. It’s sound advice; and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Getting fluent communications with Twitter is next to impossible, and a lack of clarity is the norm when you’re trying to understand them or reach out to them. Sadly, I expect that to remain the same.

The prudent thing for Periscope users to do is to ask (on a regular basis) that their followers also follow them on Twitter just in case the courtesy migration doesn’t happen. If you look at Geoff’s tweet above, he’s essentially betting the courtesy migration won’t happen. I’ve seen a screenshot from Twitter Support (via someone else) that gives credence to the guess that Twitter and Periscope won’t go through with a courtesy migration to sync up followings. The screenshot holds more water in my opinion versus Periscope users who simply “feel” that Twitter will provide a courtesy migration. Hey, that could happen, but I don’t think so. Of course, if Twitter keeps Periscope as a separate app forever, then this isn’t an issue, but let’s be real. Do you really feel Twitter is going to keep Periscope as is? Comment below. Vine wasn’t kept as is – it’s now Vine Camera.

Action step if you love Periscope: When making the ask of your Periscope followers, ask not JUST for the Twitter follow, but also ask the person to turn on livestream notifications MANUALLY within Twitter. That’s really the only way to be safe. It’s a 2-pronged ask, and it’s a pain in the ass, but hey.

Sadly, this ALL COULD’VE BEEN AVOIDED had Twitter not kept Periscope as a separate app for what seemed like an eternity. At the very least, on day one (March 24, 2015) followings SHOULD’VE BEEN sync’d up. #Eyeroll #OhWell

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