RFK Human Rights Ripple of Hope Awards☆ Congrats Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

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Replay available! Just click on the box. To see JUST Tim Cook, there’s a YouTube video below
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thumbs up red carpet Tim Cook Apple CEOTim Cook honored for LGBT equal workplace rights

Summary of the evening:


Find out who was honored, and why! The Honorees of the Ripple of Hope Gala:



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Thank you for your past and continuing efforts to improve human rights
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Image credits: RFKHumanRights.org, SocialAlex.Live

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Smartphone contest time – Win a dual-SIM Android ASUS ZenFone2

Contest is over: See link to the live drawing’s replay below

***Congratulations to Vin Nolan***

Note: Due to last minute information about certain shortcomings of the ASUS ZenFone 2 regarding its ability to create scopes on Periscope, the contest prize needed to be changed to the Kyocera Brigadier. Shoutout to Ray Garcia and his followers.

Once again: Congratulations to Vin Nolan

[Replay link, CLICK HERE youtu.be/WHo5zPtXO0k, then fast forward to 1:29]



A few pics from Summit.Live when it was called the Periscope Community Summit

Hover over, tap, or click the below pics to see names and their links

Then click or touch the round buttons


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The pics above are from the first (New York City) Periscope Community Summit (Sept. 22-24, 2015) now known as Summit.Live
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Visit: summit.live
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