Guest article: “Apple and Google as Cyber Nannies: Trying to Curb Phone Addiction”

This guest article was written by Charles Watson

While the United States is dealing with an opioid crisis, there’s another creeping issue that is being overlooked: phone addiction. No civilization before the internet has had such easy access to a wealth of information. But there’s an ugly side — when the first iPhone was introduced into the market in 2007,

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FAT news — From Around Twitter and the Internet — 2018, week 10

If you’ve been optimizing your YouTube video descriptions, good on you. A positive surprise might be coming your way.

The initial version of Google Clips requires effort, isn’t cheap and has many shortcomings, according to The Verge:

And these pics have GOTTA BE green-screened, amirite? If you know, email me at

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Fuze: Bringing back the audio jack to new iPhones

Sometimes it’s awesome when people take matters into their own hands. Look:

If you’re upset about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus not having a headphone jack, a newly-developed iPhone case says it’ll effectively bring the jack back. Look at the image below.

The “Fuze” case is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo and (as of Oct. 9, 2016) has raised more than $82,000 from over a thousand backers. ..Clearly you’re not alone in the “lack of jack” disappointment.

Created by a maker named Diego Prince, backing the Fuze case would also send a strong collective customer message to Apple. Will you consider getting one?

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The Google Pixel Phone: 53% of American Android users surveyed said they’d consider buying it

Oct. 8, 2016

A flash poll conducted after last week’s unveiling of the Google Pixel smartphone revealed that tech enthusiasts were impressed by the new mobile device. Does Samsung have something to worry about? Maybe, given the unfortunate news about GN7’s catching fire.

The Pollfish survey, which polled 1,000 Android users on October 4-5, 2016, uncovered these insights on first blush reactions:

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sinking in controversy, the Google Pixel was great news for Android lovers. 53% of Americans polled said they would be interested in buying the new device, while 76% said they would choose the Google Pixel over the iPhone 7.

61% of respondents are excited about the DayDream View VR, and intend to purchase the headset when it hits store shelves next month.

According to the Pollfish survey, over 49% of Americans prefer the larger Pixel XL (5.5-inch Quad HD) over the regular 5-inch Pixel with a 1080p screen (just 18%). That’s no surprise, given the new VR headset that allows you to use Daydream View on your smartphone screen.

While tech enthusiasts are excited about the new gadget, the Google Pixel is far from perfect—25% of Pollfish’s respondents were disappointed that the device isn’t waterproof/water resistant. I totally agree with this. Anyone who knows me knows I love to rinse a phone to keep it looking like new.

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Pollfish is a real-time mobile survey platform. Thanks to its proprietary database of 320 million mobile users, the Google Pixel Phone survey (you can see the entire survey here) was conducted in a fast manner, great for taking the temperature of initial reactions from the public.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Rio Olympics edition, pretty cute, especially if the 2016 games were your favorite

Samsung Olympic Galaxys7edge

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Oh hey, since we’re talking about Samsung, sales of the Galaxy Note 7 are supposedly going to resume in October. Let’s hope it doesn’t come back with a bang!

Click this image to read the report on VentureBeat

The S Pen on the Galaxy Note 7 will hopefully still have a “GIF maker” to make custom 15-second GIFs

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Smartphone contest time – Win a dual-SIM Android ASUS ZenFone2

Contest is over: See link to the live drawing’s replay below

***Congratulations to Vin Nolan***

Note: Due to last minute information about certain shortcomings of the ASUS ZenFone 2 regarding its ability to create scopes on Periscope, the contest prize needed to be changed to the Kyocera Brigadier. Shoutout to Ray Garcia and his followers.

Once again: Congratulations to Vin Nolan

[Replay link, CLICK HERE, then fast forward to 1:29]

FYI on the ASUS ZenFone2 battery charger

ASUS ZenFone 2 Android Dual SIM smartphone
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Pssst…..My original review of the ZenFone 2 is at
ZenFone 2 review at Small Business Trends – click here

FYI: The following is just what I do. It’s not meant to be official advice. Use your own discretion if you’re buying the $299 ASUS ZenFone 2 and/or contacting them with your own questions/concerns

ASUS says not to be concerned if you feel the special charger is too warm. I did a 40-minute test and the hot temperature of the charger made me contact ASUS with a sense of urgency. I told them I wouldn’t charge the ZenFone2 overnight, unattended. They responded saying it’s intentional.

Although the battery charger does get hot (and ASUS is aware of this), if the product senses you’ve got a low battery, while the charger stays in the wall and your battery fills, the charger “knows” to draw less power, just not at first, if your battery’s low. So it’s the speed charging feature responsible for making the charger hot in the beginning.

Then after awhile you can actually touch the charger and it’ll feel normal. Again, the longer it stays in the wall, the more it knows to return to normal.

So, to see if what ASUS was saying was right, I did a 91-minute test and ASUS’s response proved accurate because after that test, I forgot about the test for a good hour after it was over – The good news is, the charger didn’t even feel warm. But do a 40-minute test like I did, on a low battery and you’ll probably notice the charger is hot to the touch.

So for me, all’s good in the hood. I think the phone will be a hit with people who travel. At $299 unlocked, dual SIM card slots, etc, well, where can you get that? For most, the ZenFone 2 will be a solid investment. I haven’t tried the camera or cam yet, but I will.

Important: The speed charger is only given to you for free if you buy the $299 model of the ZenFone 2, not the lower-priced one.