Riley Johndonnell of UMeWe comments on Pantone’s new iPhone app

On August 2, 2016, Pantone LLC, the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards, announced the launch of PANTONE Studio, a new iOS app for the iPhone. This is its largest foray into digital solutions for creative industries.

For designers who love sharing work on social media, send ideas to clients or discuss color concepts with collaborators, PANTONE Studio gives palette sharing an easy-to-use interface and a whole new look. Palettes can be shared on social networks, like Instagram and Facebook, as well as via email with customized messages.

PANTONE Studio also provides a variety of formats for sharing colors and palettes, including incorporating the iconic Pantone chip as a solid and transparent overlay. Each shared color has the Pantone name and number, ensuring that those who love the color will know which one to use.

PANTONE Studio provides greater convenience in capturing Pantone color from the world around you, building and testing that color in palettes, and sharing work directly into design software, on social media, or with friends, clients, and collaborators.

Riley Johndonnell divine language of color

I asked Riley Johndonnell, the founder of Surface magazine, for his opinion on Pantone’s app. He said:

“For decades, Pantone has been the universal translator for the divine language of color. The translator has become the Ambassador of Inspiration. The app breaks physical and economic borders. It opens a new world, a new paradigm for creatives to connect and transform reality. I collaborated with Pantone to create ‘INT-O Yellow’ (International Optimism Yellow) as a platform for artists to unite in creating works of art with the shared intent of generating positive social impact. We are now distributing color to artists: partial proceeds will raise funds and awareness for depression research and suicide prevention amongst artists. We are focused at changing Blight to Light. That’s Optimism in Action.”

Image credits: Riley Johndonnell

On the app’s launch day, Pantone svp and general manager Ron Potesky said “Fifty-three years ago, Pantone was introduced as a standardized language to communicate specific colors in the print market. Pantone has become iconic and

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