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Hey, bargain hunters! Looking ahead to the iPad mini 2 or a faster, better Kindle Fire HD?

bhAdmit it. You’re a bargain hunter at heart, but you find it hard to resist reading up on upcoming devices, e.g., the anticipated iPad mini 2 from Apple, or maybe the improved Kindle Fire HD from Amazon. That’s okay – A little excitement is a natural thing to want, and nowadays for tech fans, news and chatter about device refreshes can feel like Christmas before Christmas.

Based on historical pricing data from, it’s possible we’ll see new price cuts on the current generation of tablets — and perhaps even a few deals on the new batch of incoming models. So how can you get your hands on a bargain iPad or Kindle Fire HD?

Because the iPad mini was a first-gen product for Apple with no predecessor, looked at price trends of previous iPads to analyze what the discount landscape might look like right around launch day for the iPad mini 2.   They noticed that Apple has typically — though not always — taken 20% off the cost of its previous-gen iPads with the introduction of a new model. Even better, the data showed that minutes after Apple’s official price cut, various retailers had also taken up to an extra 8% off Apple’s just-discounted price. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely Apple will discount the iPad mini by a full 20%, which would drop the 16GB WiFi model to $263. However, some resellers have discounted the mini to as low as $290, which seems like a more comfortable price point for Apple if it decides to keep the original mini in its repertoire.

The article from says: “If that new MSRP comes to pass (we’ll drop it to $289, to keep it in line with general pricing trends), and we factor in the additional 8% off from retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and MicroCenter — which have all typically led the pack in iPad discounts — then we could see a $266 iPad mini. If Apple announces an iPad 5, then there’s a chance (given past behavior) that the iPad 4 will stick around at that 20% off price point of $399. If we factor in an 8% retailer discount, then we may see reseller deals that knock it to $367, which would be a new low for a factory-sealed 16GB WiFi model. However, if the iPad 4 meets the same fate as the iPad 3 and gets discontinued, we’ll still see deals as resellers scramble to get rid of old stock. So far the lowest price we’ve seen for a 16GB WiFi model is $440, so look for deals below that price point.”

Amazon’s current Kindle Fire HD could receive a 20% price cut. It would then be $159, which is a nice bargain, and even better, there’s the real possibility of bonus promos which could drop the price even lower. The article goes on to say: “Meanwhile, that would bump the SD tablet from it’s current position in the lineup, and we’re predicting that, if it’s kept around, it might fall to an astonishingly low $99, which it has already hit this year. However, Amazon’s situation is more complicated than Apple’s, and various scenarios could affect pricing. For instance, there’s a slight chance Amazon may announce a $99 Kindle Fire HD 7-inch tablet. If that were to occur, we don’t expect to see significant discounts, but rather anticipate seeing the aforementioned $99 Kindle Fire HD bundled with a gift card or Amazon credit.”

The next few months in the current-gen mainstream tablet market will be interesting. When brands compete, we win. We could see the price of the ASUS Google Nexus 7 32GB slashed again, etc. Even better, the mainstream tablet wars will also affect budget tablets, evidenced by Hisense cutting prices on its line of Android tablets.

So, bargain-hunting tech fans, you have a lot to keep your eye on, old and new. Do yourself a favor and visit to sign up for instant email alerts regarding devices from Google, Amazon, Apple, etc. The site’s a great resource to find out what’s going on with prices, best times to buy, recaps, roundups, commentary, etc. Follow @dealnews on Twitter too!


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