Chocolate Rain’s “Mama Economy”

Schoolhouse Rock was an iconic part of Gen X, so I’m wondering what Millennials and Gen Z had as equivalents. Cynicism and irreverence play a role, I’m guessing. Plus, early Gen Z (for example, a person who was born in 2000) is already biologically poised to become parents of the next generation. Anyway, Zonday’s hilarious song is geopolitical in nature but that’s not why I’m sharing it. It’s funny and, for the man who many simply call Chocolate Rain, the music and social media aspects are certainly on-brand. Click the play button in the above tweet and give it a listen 😂 While Schoolhouse Rock did NOT have politics (If it did, I don’t remember. Reach out to me if I’m wrong), it did include many U.S. history ditties like The Shot Heard ‘Round The World and some about civic engagement in democracies like I’m Just A Bill, but irreverence wasn’t a thing.

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FAT news — From Around Twitter — 2018, week 8

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Apple is testing 5G infrastructure

News roundup for the final week of May 2017: Subjects: 5G infrastructure, Apple, Twitter, tech: transportation, hearing, laptops

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From around Twitter: May 2017

So I found a bunch of tweets and I’m putting them below these badge pics and calling it a blog post. 😃 If you have tons of energy to blog every day, more power to you — I don’t! 😴

Social and/or marketing tweets:

Culture and/or event tweets:

High tech, cyber crime, retrospective tweets:

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This is the beginning of the end for Twitter’s Periscope brand

Prediction: This is the beginning of the end for Twitter’s Periscope brand. For a company struggling to be profitable, it makes financial sense to guillotine (or downsize) redundant business units. See Geoff Golberg’s advice below. It’s sound advice; and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Getting fluent communications with Twitter is next to impossible, and a lack of clarity is the norm when you’re trying to understand them or reach out to them. Sadly, I expect that to remain the same.

The prudent thing for Periscope users to do is to ask (on a regular basis) that their followers also follow them on Twitter just in case the courtesy migration doesn’t happen. If you look at Geoff’s tweet above, he’s essentially betting the courtesy migration won’t happen. I’ve seen a screenshot from Twitter Support (via someone else) that gives credence to the guess that Twitter and Periscope won’t go through with a courtesy migration to sync up followings. The screenshot holds more water in my opinion versus Periscope users who simply “feel” that Twitter will provide a courtesy migration. Hey, that could happen, but I don’t think so. Of course, if Twitter keeps Periscope as a separate app forever, then this isn’t an issue, but let’s be real. Do you really feel Twitter is going to keep Periscope as is? Comment below. Vine wasn’t kept as is – it’s now Vine Camera.

Action step if you love Periscope: When making the ask of your Periscope followers, ask not JUST for the Twitter follow, but also ask the person to turn on livestream notifications MANUALLY within Twitter. That’s really the only way to be safe. It’s a 2-pronged ask, and it’s a pain in the ass, but hey.

Sadly, this ALL COULD’VE BEEN AVOIDED had Twitter not kept Periscope as a separate app for what seemed like an eternity. At the very least, on day one (March 24, 2015) followings SHOULD’VE BEEN sync’d up. #Eyeroll #OhWell

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Twitter Tools To Help You Retweet Influencers And Get On Their Radars

This guest article was written by Gail Gardner

Gail Gardner SocialImplications GrowMap

Connect with Gail on Twitter: @Growmap

Social media influencers are busy and, apart from notable exceptions like Gary Vaynerchuk, many don’t do everything on Twitter manually. We use tools to automate some of what we do while not neglecting personal interactions. Tools make it possible for us to spend more time interacting.

Keeping your account active is the first thing to understand when you engage Twitter influencers. We use tools to unfollow dormant accounts. If you don’t tweet at least once a month you will start losing influential followers. Even if you are certain you always tweet more than that, emergencies happen. Better to be safe – especially when it is so easy.

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