What’s the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking an iPhone? Is there overlap?

Q: What’s the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking an iPhone? Is there overlap?

A: Yes, there’s overlap, but it’s important for you to know they’re two very different things. One is about removing limitations set by Apple on its proprietary software named iOS especially with regard to its business policy on third-party apps/extensions/themes which users might want to download to their iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc. These third-party elements are not permitted, hence the term “jailbreak.” Jailbreaking may also enable your phone to be unlocked, but only for certain firmware and basebands and iPhone models, with new software being needed everytime Apple updates iOS, and requiring jailbreakers to not update their iOS software through iTunes, or they lose the jailbreak and features. Popular jailbreak tools include: iPhone Dev Team, Jailbreakme, redsn0w, absinthe, and evasi0n.

The other, known as factory unlocking, is something else entirely. It is done remotely (as opposed to jailbreaking) and unlocks the SIM card through the IMEI number. The IMEI (or MEID) number uniquely identifies most mobile devices, and wireless carriers are able to track and lock phones to their network through a database server. Factory unlocking means you can use your phone internationally with any overseas SIM card. Unlocking iPhones is done through Apple iTunes, and all that’s required to unlock your iPhone is your IMEI number and network locked to. A mobile unlocking site such as Toasty Unlocks then processes the IMEI and retrieves an unlock code and then everyone’s happy. How long does it take? Often it can be done in minutes, but be aware that occasionally a thoroughly good outcome can take a few days. To learn more, visit Toastyunlocks.com

Special thanks to toastyunlocks.com for this information.

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One thought on “What’s the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking an iPhone? Is there overlap?

  1. The jailbreak deals with the software and apps on the iPhone, while unlocking the phone lets users use other wireless networks (SIM) on the phone. Jailbreaking usually pertains to software and apps on the iPhone / any other phone which you jailbreak. By jailbreaking, you can actually run software and apps that are usually not allowed to run. You can install these apps because the jailbreak affects the firmware of the iPhone.Unlocking iphone is a totally different thing. It has a sole purpose – to let you use different carriers (SIM or network providers) on your iPhone.So if you have a phone that takes a sim card, odd are you can use a sim card from another carrier in your country. Some phones are called ‘international’ phones and can support a number of broadband, so if you unlock your phone, you can take it overseas and use it there.You could unlock your iPhone by jailbreaking it and installing unlock software. Unfortunately, Apple has patched that exploit, and software unlocks are no longer possible.Software unlocking may damage your mobile data. To get your iPhone unlocked through more official means you can do it by getting the remote unlocking service from an online vendor like http://www.wickedunlock.com/apple/rs11wp8/

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